While pursuing my Visual Arts degree at Raritan Valley Community College in 2000, during a visit to Chelsea, NYC, I wandered into a Melissa Meyer exhibition and was so captivated and moved by her work, I knew at that moment abstract painting was something I wanted to explore.  For two years, as a single working mom on a tight budget, I immersed myself in abstraction, creating large scale gestural works in oil paint.  I was building my own stretchers and stretching canvases out of drop cloth that I had purchased from Home Depot..and after my kiddo was tucked in for the night, I would lose myself in the most liberating creative process I'd ever experienced.  Ideas would swoop into my mind daily and I would scramble for my sketchbook to capture them before they were gone.  On one occasion, I impulsively turned my living room into a studio. Working with charcoal and acrylic, I created my first series of approximately twenty works on paper that I taped all over my living room wall wondering where I would go from there. These were the works that sparked my love of mark-making and line work.  I had unlocked a chamber within me that I didn't know existed up until that point and painting was becoming as natural to me as the air I breathed.  I painted in between every space of motherhood that I could..until I couldn't. A new husband, two more children and a series of tumultuous junctures later, it wasn't until the fall of 2014, when my youngest son began kindergarten, that I vigorously plunged back into painting after nearly twelve years of dormancy. Since then, making art has become my spiritual practice. These intuitive works delve into the many facets of the self, the divine within us and the interconnectedness we all share.

Painting is my voice, my language. It is the truest version of myself that I can only describe in words as a sacred communion of emotional, spiritual and physical presence, serving as a bridge that connects me at a greater level of consciousness with myself and the world around me.

We are all interconnected by something greater than ourselves and I believe that it is in that space where we feel the deepest connection. These works, both personally and collectively, embody the struggle between deceptive constructs and the unapologetic rise to truth by means of disintegrating past and present masks and labels that we shackle to ourselves and others with a fierce unknowing. Encountering the divinity that exists within each of us at a human level, necessitates the dissolution of these false narratives and prompts us to see through the deafening fear to the one commonality that declares that we are all the same.

©Christina Sorace MacKinnon 2019.      

Contemporary Artist