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Christina Sorace MacKinnon captures dynamic moments teeming with vitality, respite, and orchestrated disorder. Her vibrant paintings weave together contrasting hues, gestures, and motifs, creating a rich tapestry of textures and depths. MacKinnon's artistic exploration delves into the pursuit of self-awareness, equilibrium, and resolution amidst the interplay of intersecting forms, intricate mazes, and converging pathways. Reflecting on her personal journey, she uncovers the link between her identity and the profound impact of receiving an ADHD diagnosis later in life.

Her works manifest a compelling interplay of elements that seemingly clash yet find a harmonious coexistence, mirroring the complexity of emotional congestion and self-examination. Rooted in her reflective quest to deconstruct formative narratives from her past, her paintings also serve as a poignant reflection on the challenges faced by women in a male-dominated world. MacKinnon's artistic creations, which she aptly terms visual narratives, serve as a poignant testament to her ongoing reconciliation with these emotions and her evolving relationship with both herself and the surrounding world.


A contemporary abstract painter based in New Jersey, MacKinnon has exhibited in galleries throughout the US and Canada. Various publications, including the Trenton Times, Create Magazine, and AllSheMakes, have recognized her work. She recently received a 2022 Fellowship Award from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. In addition, her work is in many public and private collections. MacKinnon lives and works from her studio in Flemington, New Jersey, with her husband and children.

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