Christina Sorace MacKinnon is an internationally exhibited full-time artist known for her vibrant, energetic, and compelling abstract paintings. Her works are honest and palpable, composed of bold and rhythmic gestural movements with diverse mediums in each painting. By controlling the visual space within each canvas, she creates distinct moments charged with movement, respite, and organized chaos. Her large-scale canvases act as a visual narrative of living in paradox with elements that appear to struggle against each other yet coexist harmoniously.

    A contemporary abstract painter based in New Jersey, MacKinnon took the road less traveled and decided it wasn’t too late to pursue her dream in her forties.   After spending over twenty years in the throws of domesticity raising four children, she bravely set out to honor her artistic aspiration. She began working as a  full-time artist in 2013 with reckless abandon. Since then, MacKinnon has hustled and strived to build her career, creating a prolific inventory of work and a significant Instagram following.                        

    Exhibited at galleries throughout the US and Canada, MacKinnon’s work has been recognized by various publications, including the Trenton Times, Create Magazine, and AllSheMakes. She recently received a 2022 Fellowship Award from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. In addition, her work is in a myriad of both public and private collections. MacKinnon lives and works from her studio in New Jersey with her husband and children.



"I say tap into any area of making art that is relentlessly nudging you."

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